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As one of the largest vertically integrated direct-to-consumer powerhouses in the United States, Great HealthWorks (GHW) is dedicated to delivering quality health and wellness products. The company’s cornerstone product, OmegaXL, has been marketed to millions of consumers worldwide as a patented all natural product providing relief from pain due to inflammation.
With over 30 years of clinical studies supporting the benefits of Omega XL, the Company’s marketing campaigns have consistently ranked in the Top-5 of IMS rated shows because Omega XL works. Founder and CEO, Ken Meares, and co-Founder and COO, Miles DuPree, take a genuine and heartfelt interest in the wellbeing of the consumer and that passion is reflected in the entire company. With corporate headquarters and distribution center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, GHW’s “All Under One Roof” approach has fast become the preferred choice to launch new products in the Direct Response channel.



  1. Lead with a Balanced Team – A committed team comprised of talented, passionate and caring individuals can accomplish amazing things.
  2. Embrace Change Through Innovation – Be ready to adjust the game plan and search for vibrant solutions for daily challenges.
  3. Master the Marketplace – Understand the marketplace through successful infomercials, direct sales platforms, and internet advertising.
  4. Care for the Consumer – Take a genuine and heartfelt interest in the wellness of the consumer and they will become part of the family.
  5. Network Strategically – Strategic involvement with the right vendors, contractors, distributors, partners, associations and charities allows our brand to reach across a broad demographic.
  6. Protect the Brand – A total commitment to protect the image of the company and its life-changing product.
  7. Leave a Legacy – Through care of our consumers, employees and product line, Great HealthWorks will leave a lasting legacy of wellness for generations to come.


Quality. Integrity. Professionalism. That’s what Great HealthWorks is all about.

  • Founded in 2003
  • Dedicated to delivering quality health and wellness products
  • Launched OmegaXL via direct response infomercials in 2005
  • OmegaXL has consistently ranked in the Top-5 of IMS rated shows
  • Has marketed its’ products to millions of consumers worldwide
  • Endorsers and brand ambassadors include well-known celebrities and public figures such as:
    • Larry King – Famed TV and Radio Host
    • Tony Dovolani – Dancing with the Stars
    • Terry Bradshaw – 4-Time Super Bowl Champion
    • Angélica María – Telenovela Actress and Grammy Winner
    • Keyon Dooling – 13 Year NBA Veteran and Certified Life Coach
    • Debra Morton – Pastor and Television personality
    • Taylor Dayne – Three-Time Gold Winning Pop Star
  • Today, GHW is a vertically integrated direct-to-consumer powerhouse offering contract services
  • GHW’s “All Under One Roof” approach makes GHW your place to launch new products in the Direct Response channel


GHW’s headquarters occupy approximately 110,000 square feet in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with a team of over 400 full-time people providing the following services:

  • Product Testing and Sampling
  • Research and Development
  • Internet and Web Marketing
  • Training and Development
  • In-house Production
  • Media Buying for Direct Response TV and Internet
  • Inbound, Outbound, and Virtual Telemarketing
  • Customer Retention and Education
  • Warehouse and Distribution
  • Print Publishing


Founder and CEO, Great HealthWorks


When Your Mission and Your Ministry are Health & Wellness – you have the energy to accomplish anything and Mr. Ken Meares has accomplished much through decades of entrepreneurial success.

Mr. Meares has harnessed the power of focus and action to create substantial wealth and value for his own companies and for those he has partnered with in his businesses. His expertise is in identifying niche-focused, profitable opportunities and turning them into reality. Ken has taken his lifelong passion for health and wellness and turned it into some of the strongest direct to consumer brands and accessible life changing products and services in the world.

Founder of Body Designers in the 1970’s, Mr. Meares pioneered the idea of usable and innovative fitness equipment in Gym’s across America, subsequently building the first Gold’s Gyms and was at the forefront of the multi-billion dollar Gym industry. Continuing that momentum came SportsCare International (SCI) where he again pioneered innovative care for sports related injury. It was this drive for innovation that brought Mr. Meares to deepen his knowledge of pain management and inflammatory conditions and spawned the creation of Great HealthWorks, the powerful vertically integrated healthcare and technology company that he leads today where OmegaXL was born.

Continuing as an industry leader, Ken applied his visionary style to deliver the gift of health and wellness to the baby boomers who are seeking natural solutions for their pain and inflammation challenges, and help millennials to enjoy the benefits of OmegaXL today! This lead to the huge success of the most effective all-natural anti-inflammatory product available. The patented oil extract from New Zealand is clinically proven to provide relief from inflammatory related conditions. Omega XL is a Global Brand with millions of bottles sold worldwide, and is the number one choice for inflammatory pain.

Great HealthWorks reach continues to expand with its subsidiaries including:

  • New You Media, real time news & on-line magazine & resource for Health & Beauty
  • Great Virtual Works, a home based customer care company
  • Great Learning Works, an online educational company
  •, A full service production facility that produces GHW infomercials and content
  • In house national media buying company – Great HealthWorks is one of the top advertisers in the nation, airing an average of 7000 infomercials monthly.
  • Great HealthWorks expanded brands, a line of premium quality, physician formulates healthcare supplements for optimal health.

Most importantly, Mr. Meares is known for creating a driving culture and growing leaders. From its humble beginnings as a four person start-up, to a company of 1,100 people, Ken has lead the way with inspiration and passion.

Mr. Meares is known for being charitably minded and committed, making quiet and private donations in his community that support the arts, furthering solutions for women’s health, Wounded Warriors, and providing educational support for disadvantaged youth.


Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder


Every great visionary needs a meticulous partner able to carry out that vision and Miles DuPreé is that person. Under his direction as COO, Great HealthWorks has grown to become one of the most dominant players in the direct response industry in the world. Celebrities such as Larry King and Tony Dovolani, cannot stop praising the effectiveness and power of Omega XL and with over 50,000 bottles shipped weekly it is little wonder that the company has achieved so much in just 10 years. Today Great HealthWorks is the only direct response company in the United States which is fully integrated. The company has its own production studios, media purchasing and management, customer service, product fulfillment, call center services, e-learning and training services and even its own health and beauty magazine, NEW YOU. With over 350 employees and another 1000 associated working from home, it requires skill and personality to be an effective manager and DuPreé has that in spades.

Prior to Great HealthWorks, Mr. DuPreé spent many years directing the technology for System One a wholly owned subsidiary of Continental Airlines. Mr. DuPreé left Continental Airlines (System One) and formed Pro Logic Computer systems. Under his direction Pro Logic created some of the very first internet Travel booking systems. Pro Logic performed work for the world¹s largest travel companies including Interval International, American Express, RCI International, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, representing 25 Billion in annual Travel Sales. Eager for change, Mr. DuPreé, turned his attention to the health and beauty industry and in 2003, he and his partner, Mr. Ken Meares, formed Great Healthworks,Inc.


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Great HealthWorks

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